As of this week I will (perhaps with a couple of exceptions) post my Weekly Bitcoin Update containing some of the most interesting bitcoin stories. The focus will be on bitcoin as a currency or investment, but as you will notice, other insights will be shared as well. As I have noticed in recent months, getting myself familiar with bitcoin, its users and its developers, bitcoin is so much more than a potential currency or new alternative investment.

1.   Forget Jamie Dimon, take a broader look at what banks in general are doing with bitcoin

2.   Ever thought of a bitcoin debit card?

Here’s a comparison of different providers. While there’s still a link to the traditional banking sector, MasterCard and Visa mostly, surely bitcoin purists won’t like it, this is one easy way to actually use your bitcoin in real life. Adaption needs use. Just sitting on your bitcoins isn’t the best option I would say.

3.   And while we are at it. Here are six remarkable ‘things’ your bitcoin can buy.

4.   Ever thinking about the current state of bitcoin as a currency or means of exchange. Or if it has potential within the current economic framework?

Below is a pretty neat speech of Dr. Malavika Nair, Assistant Professor of Economics in the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University, on the Economics of Bitcoin. Sure you could argue with some arguments, also Nair does not really dive into the technology, but it paints a pretty decent picture of its potential.

5.   Bitcoin and energy

Last one for this week. What about this energy thing? Is mining really so energy-consuming? Read more on this topic here.